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Domain name change
My portfolio website has finally moved to a new domain with a friendlier URL:

The name was chosen among several dozens of second-level domain names suggested by me and discussed with my numerous friends around the world. Here are some key factors that made me choose this name as the most appropriate:

  • .COM is more COMmonly used and more COMpatible with the content of the website than .ORG or .NET, because it can also hint at "COMmunication" and "COMmunity" rather than "ORGanization" or "NETwork";
  • a good name should contain only one or two words (the shorter the better) for easier memorization (smart portmanteau words are appreciated); it may also include a popular word slightly misspelled (purely for successful indexing by the search engines);
  • should include a more universally understood word in a more popular language, e.g. in English or featuring an existing in several languages and easily recognizable stem. A good example is DUNIA (DUNYA, DUNIYA) meaning "world" in many world languages, from Turkish and Malay to Hindi and Swahili;
  • may be symmetrical, e.g. start and end with the same letter, for visitors’ viewing pleasure - you'll see what I mean!

I also intended to include my name in it to make it look more personal (which it is), but not self-centered, less pretentious and rather searchable by keywords. Every candidate was then properly tested by googling and compared with other matches it had appeared with in the search results. Some early names chosen this way were LIMWORLD, LIMWORKS and LIMUNITED, the latter being an anagram of UNLIMITED. Only LIMWORKS passed the .COM filter, but was eventually rejected for taking the risk of being associated with some art studio based in Singapore.

A new set of possible names included NICHELIM, a word play on the famous French brand, and a couple of beautiful exotic names KILIMWENGU and ANTARBUDAYA standing for "International" in Swahili and Indonesian respectively. NICHELIM was a smart guess (I carefully looked through Webster’s and Le Robert in order to compare the meanings of NICHE with that in the Russian language), but I had to reject it too with a heavy heart due to its low potential to grow internationally, implying a relatively small space for a big guy like me (kidding, of course, but I had other reasons as well). KILIMWENGU could have been another good choice with W being the reflection of M if written underneath, or the Chinese 稳固 (wěngù) meaning "firm", "stable" and "reliable", but I reckoned it would be just too hard to remember. ANTARBUDAYA seems to be a huge problem for Westerners.

Finally, I had to choose between INTERCULTURALIM and MULTICULTURALIM, a difficult choice forcing me to study the differences between "interculturaliSm" becoming more popular in Quebec and "multiculturaliSm" having utterly failed in Germany last year. As the latter can refer to a person and has several other advantages (symmetry, more matches on Google, even passed the Feng Shui test!), it won the contest and became the official website name.

On another note, I’ve just come back from the UNESCO workshop on Open Educational Resources and Intellectual Property Rights, where I had a small conversation in Chinese with a professor of Renmin University of China. The last day of spring is over.

P.S. Happy birthday, Mr. Clint Eastwood…

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