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Page d'accueil » 2010 » February » 15 » 恭禧发财, Happy Valentine's Day and welcome to the Vladis Lim Project !
恭禧发财, Happy Valentine's Day and welcome to the Vladis Lim Project !

The website has now been launched! The first blog entry was a 2-verse greeting in French that I used for test purposes. It's a poetic translation of a greeting from the Russian New Year's postcard and the first I've ever done in French. This one is a brief introduction of a new logo that was initially designed in September 2008. It used to be heart-shaped and didn't suit the serious tone of the project, so it was replaced by its square-shaped analogue. It has now also become the site icon, so you can easily identify my project in your bookmarks and on Facebook.

Meanwhile, the heart-shaped "V" is here to wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day that coincides with the Chinese New Year. Let's hope it will be a great year for all of us!

Bienvenue sur le site officiel du projet de Vladis Lim! La première entrée de ce blog est la traduction poétique d'une carte de félicitations russe que j'ai faite en français pour la toute-toute première fois. Avec cette deuxième entrée, je vous présente un nouveau logo qui était conçu en septembre 2008. Ayant la forme d'un cœur au début, il est finalement devenu carré et représente désormais l'icône du site que vous pourriez sans problèmes reconnaître parmi vos favoris et sur Facebook.


Quant à l'ancienne forme, elle est là pour vous souhaiter une bonne Saint-Valentin qui coïncide avec le Nouvel an chinois. Qu'il soit pour nous tous plein de belles surprises!


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3 Arlene  
LOVE the ideas that Kathy & Sugary Flower posted!! I third the fairy tale vote! A back to scohol theme would be fun toward the end of the summer. You might do a beach or swimming theme that would go along with that common summer past time. I like the idea of some equipment based ones, and I also think a hand molded onigiri theme would be fun. A patriotic theme would be fun for the 4th of July. Transportation would be a fun, as well as animation (like an animated character). Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!!

2 Claus  
Good on you. By the way, I am not that fluent in French but I can understand some part of it.

Keep in on "mein freund" !!!

Once again "Hebatnya !!! "


1 zaenuddin  
wow saya suka sekali bow, menarik sekali situsnya nanti boleh bagi bagi pengalaman atau tukar pengalaman
salam sejahtera dari Amsterdam

Acho van bugisland

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