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The Buryatian cinema is relatively new to the international audience. For those who have heard about this remote region in Russian Siberia it is often, for historical reasons, associated with neighboring Mongolia. The contemporary Mongolian cinema being long time influenced by the Russian cinema of the Soviet era has been made particularly famous by recent co-productions with European and Asian studios, most notably by Enkhtaivan Agvaantseren who showed the Buryat people in his 2008 historical film “A Pearl in the Forest”, and German-based Byambasuren Davaa whose works depicting nomad life of the Mongols gained several film awards over the last decade. The Buryatian film industry has ... Read more »

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Nous sommes en 2009, mais je m'en souviens comme si c'était hier. On se dit "ba beneen" et Oumar disparut derrière les portes du métro à Bruxelles. Il alla chercher un cadeau d’anniversaire pour un ami...

La musique de Baaba Maal m’entoure ... Read more »

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My portfolio website has finally moved to a new domain with a friendlier URL:

The name was chosen among several dozens of second-level domain names suggested by me and discussed with my numerous friends around the world. Here are some key factors that made m ... Read more »

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On March 11, 2011 I attended a lecture by Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, former and longest-serving Prime Minister of Malaysia, which took place in the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (University) of the MFA of Russia. His speech was dedicated to political and economic matters and democracy in the world in particular. The main points of his speech are mentioned below:

- Commenting on the current situation in North Africa, he pointed out that the further development of those countries depends on the new political regime which can't be foreseen. The riots in Egypt and Libya were not planned by any recognized political force, no initiators were identified. It may lead these countries to chaos if a new authoritarian rule ... Read more »
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